Why to Speak Up About Domestic Violence in NJ

Domestic violence is defined as any sort of violent, abusive, or aggressive behavior that exists at home usually between spouses or partners. Whether you’re on the defending side or the accusing side, in cases like these it is very important to hire a domestic violence lawyer in NJ. Although domestic violence can be verbal, physical abuse is what is primarily charged in a court of law. There are five primary divisions of domestic violence. These include the following:

  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Psychological
  • Emotional
  • Economic

And sometimes in cases of domestic violence, just threatening your partner in any of these five ways can be enough to call law enforcement. The problem is that although people suffer and are scared by domestic violence, there are so many instances of people remaining silent after a domestic violence dispute. Speaking up is ALWAYS encouraged in domestic violence cases for many reasons. Here are a couple:

To Discourage a Repeat Offense

Not speaking up and contacting law enforcement shows to your partner that you still respect them and their actions. At least to some extent. You may voice your disapproval of their actions, but that is often not enough in cases such as these. Calling the police and hiring a lawyer will hit home to your partner who has committed the crime. Hopefully, this will cause them to realize the true effects of their actions, and to truly never do such a thing again.

To Show Yourself Some Respect

How much do you value yourself? If you value your life and the way you want people to treat you, speak up after experiencing any sort of domestic violence. No one deserves to be abused in any manner, and sometimes an outside voice needs to be brought in to restore the peace. You will have true peace of mind getting law enforcement involved in the situation.

To Protect your Kids

For families with children, especially young children, speaking up regarding domestic violence is even more important. Children need to grow up in a peaceful environment where they can feel safe and experience healthy relationships. All families have their issues, but exposing children to too much can be scarring, especially if any of the domestic violence is directed at them. Children also learn by example, and if they grow up witnessing domestic violence and never seeing anyone speak out against it, the trend may continue into their lives as adults. Stop this trend and give your kids a good life and a healthy household. Speak up after a domestic violence incident.

To Encourage Others to Speak Up

Sometimes to get courage to do something, we need to see someone else do it first. Speaking up against someone you love or have loved can be a hard thing especially when battling future threats from them. But as soon as the law gets involved, your safety will be number one. For those of you who have reported a domestic violence incident, get involved in your community and empower other men and women to do the same. Maybe even join a support group to encourage others and to deal with some of the emotional troubles that come after such a traumatizing time. For anyone who has fallen victim to domestic abuse, call the police and hire a lawyer today.

And for those of you accused of domestic violence, also contact a domestic violence lawyer in NJ immediately. This is not a situation to be handled on your own. A defense attorney is completely necessary. Contact us at the office of Thomas Campo for any questions regarding domestic violence or to hire an attorney to defend in a domestic violence case.

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