Theft offenses in New Jersey can take many forms.  The most common type of theft is known as Theft of Movable Property – that is – you are charged with taking property of another without permission.  Theft crimes have a broad range of sentencing exposure if convicted.  Small (petty) thefts usually involving under $200.00 are handled in the Municipal Courts in the State of New Jersey.  As the dollar amount or value increases – so does the criminal exposure and the potential for jail.

For example – if you are charged with a theft involving more than $200.00 but less than $500 – then you are facing a fourth degree indictable crime with a maximum exposure of up to eighteen months in New Jersey State Prison.  If charged with a theft involving more than $500.00 but less than $75,000 then you are facing a third degree indictable crime with an exposure of three to five years in a New Jersey State prison.  If charged with theft of over $75,000.00 then you are facing a second degree crime which carries with it a presumption that you will go to a New Jersey State Prison for a period of between five and ten years.

As a former Essex County and Monmouth County Assistant Prosecutor as well as a former Municipal Prosecutor in over twenty different towns, Thomas V. Campo is well experienced in handling the complex issues and complex defenses associated with defending those charged with Theft Offenses.  Having been a former member of the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office White Collar Unit, Mr. Campo is fully capable of handling matters for those charged with any type of theft offense.

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