Six Simple Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in New Jersey

There are many situations where having an attorney may not seem necessary. Disputing a parking ticket, yard ordnance, small claims court, these are matters that can be discussed without an attorney. Criminal defense isn’t one of them. If you’ve been placed under arrest, given the right to remain silent, and told you have the right to an attorney. You need an attorney you can trust. The American legal system puts the burden of proof on the state to prove you guilty of a crime you may or probably may not have committed. The law finds people guilty of crime every day. You however don’t prove yourself innocent everyday, that is what attorneys are for. Here are some simple reasons you need an attorney.

Not having an attorney can cost more than money

There’s a lot to lose in a criminal case including your freedom. A criminal case can determine whether or not you spend time behind bars. Can you afford to spend months or years behind bars? Will your job be waiting for you? Will you even be able to keep that job with a criminal record?

Criminal records can follow you for the rest of your life

If you are convicted of a crime, the crime could follow you forever. If you didn’t hire an attorney, who’s going to defend you? A criminal convicted of a crime has to list that fact for everything from moving into an apartment, to getting a job. If you are following certain careers, a criminal conviction could make that job off limits. A good attorney can even help clear or possibly expunge your criminal record, like it never happened.

Attorneys know how to fight the law

In criminal law the burden of proof is on the state to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It is not on you to prove yourself innocent, even if you are. If there’s a doubt, you should not be convicted. Jails are filled with people who tried to prove they were innocent without an attorney and found themselves convicted of a crime. Attorneys know how to defend against improperly obtained evidence, police errors, they are prepared to cross examine witnesses and to plead the best possible case for you.

Judges see attorneys every day

If you find yourself staring down the business end of a judge, who is deciding whether or not you are going to jail, whether he sets you free, sentences you three years, or three decades, at the end of your hearing, he probably doesn’t have to see you again. A judge is going to see a good attorney again with a different client. The attorney has already established a longer relationship with the judge than you ever will.

There is no mercy in the court

There are always people who say, “I’m just going to throw myself upon the mercy of the court”. Those people more times than not are found guilty, because there is no one to defend their sentence, and no one to stop them from incriminating themselves. An attorney may not find mercy in the court, but they will find fairness and often leniency because they know the law.

Because you don’t have a litigation team

Attorneys know how to argue a case using expert witnesses and private investigators. If you scroll through your phone contacts do you have an expert witness and private investigators anywhere in your phone. Are you familiar with a single professional who can argue against the mounting evidence stacked against you?

No one plans to be in front of a judge in need of a criminal defense attorney. Thomas V. Campo has over twenty years of experience in criminal law. He has worked with multiple superior and municipal courts in New Jersey and has a wealth of knowledge on criminal and traffic offenses including DWI, drug charges and assault charges. If you need an attorney, look no further than Thomas V. Campo, contact us

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