The most common form of Property Crime in New Jersey involves a charge of Criminal Mischief.  As opposed to the crime of Theft of Movable Property where one is charged with actually taking property belonging to another without permission – Criminal Mischief involves the act of purposely or knowingly damaging tangible property of another.  One can also be charged with Criminal Mischief by recklessly or negligently damaging the tangible property of another in the employment of fire or explosives.

In either scenario, the consequences of what usually starts out as a prank or poor judgment, can result in a situation where an individual is facing criminal charges, community service and possible incarceration.

If you or a loved one is charged with any Property Crime it is clearly in your best interests to have an experienced Criminal Defense attorney on your side.  There are many ways of handling these matters and many possible defenses.  Mr. Campo has handled hundreds of these cases in both Superior Court and Municipal Court with a proven track record of success.  It is important that you call the Law Office of Thomas V. Campo at 732-691-3427.

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