How Can I Afford a Criminal Defense Lawyer in NJ?

Handling legal issues can be a serious financial burden for some, and the judicial system of the United States is aware of this. That’s why there are so many options for those not as financially stable, to still have representation in court. While these options exist, some people don’t want to take the time to look into these ways. Here are some reasons why it’s crucial to take advantage of these options and to hire a criminal defense lawyer in NJ:

  1. Criminal defense lawyers can help lower your sentencing. They have the ability to professionally negotiate with prosecutors, knowing what is within reason and possibility.
  2. Criminal defense lawyers are mentors. They coach you through the process of court, which can sometimes be intimidating, and remind you that you’re not the only person in the world who has made a mistake. Everyone deserves to have someone on their side.
  3. Criminal defense lawyers in NJ will also be much more familiar with the law and well versed in court protocol. They can prepare you for a likely, realistic outcome in your trial.
  4. Hiring a defense lawyer also puts someone on your side who will take more time that you have to investigate and get information from witnesses.

criminal defense lawyer in NJ

So now that you are fully aware of all of the benefits of hiring a criminal defense lawyer in NJ, how will you make this happen? The good news is, it isn’t as daunting as it seems. There are many ways to find an affordable criminal defense lawyer in NJ. Here are some potential ideas:

  1. Legal Aid Societies: These societies provide legal representation and support to low-income families. The bar is very low when it comes to financial income, so qualifying is sometimes difficult.
  2. Try a Law Student: If representation is not an option, at least try and access some legal advice. Maybe even try going to a law school nearby and inquiring about available students who are willing to give advice. In some instances, law students do have the capability to provide representation in court, as long as a member of the faculty who is an attorney is present alongside of them.
  3. County or State Bar Association: This can sometimes be a shot in the dark, but it’s definitely worth a try. There may be someone willing to work on your case pro bono, or for a reduced cost. In desperate situations, you might as well try giving your county or state bar association a call.
  4. Shop Around: Don’t let the idea of hiring a criminal defense lawyer in NJ become too daunting. It may be more affordable than you think. First contact any friends you know who are lawyers. They may be willing to help you at a reduced price. Next, simply try shopping around. Compare rates of different defense lawyers and compare their experience and education as well. Doing your research can really pay off.

The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution lays out the rights of those being prosecuted in court. All U.S. citizens have the right to a speedy trial, as well as the right to a defense. If you cannot afford a criminal defense lawyer, the court will take the necessary steps to appoint you a public defender. So rest assured, that in the case you are ever prosecuted in criminal law and cannot afford a lawyer (even after trying the previously mentioned 4 steps), the court will take care of you by providing you with a defense.

criminal defense lawyer in NJ

If you or anyone you know is in need of a criminal defense lawyer in NJ, contact the law offices of Thomas Campo today. We’re ready and available to set up a consultation and to offer legal advice and representation.

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