DWI cases involving out-of-state drivers are unique cases. Drivers with out-of-state licenses who are charged with a New Jersey DWI, present specific issues that could jeopardize privileges in the driver’s licensing state. If you are arrested and charged with a DWI in New Jersey, an experience DWI lawyer will defend your rights and privileges in New Jersey and your home state.

If you are convicted of a DWI charge in New Jersey, the first thing New Jersey will do is notify all 49 states. This is because unlike many states, New Jersey does not have a process to suspend a driver’s license immediately following an arrest for driving while intoxicated. However, the Interstate Driver’s License Compact (IDLC) is a compact between 45 states to communicate information about driving-related crimes, including DUI / DWI. The only starts no involved in this agreement are Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Georgia, and Michigan. Despite not being involved in the agreement, these five states still corporate when dealing with DUI/DWI cases.

Once notified, both the home state and New Jersey will either establish separate suspensions or in some cases, the home state will honor the length of New Jersey’s suspension. At the very least, the convicted motorist will lose all driving privileges in New Jersey for the length determined by the New Jersey court.

Drivers licensed in states outside of New Jersey who are arrested in NJ for a DWI need to understand that their home state licenses are in danger. You may need a New Jersey DWI defense lawyer with experience to fight your case to minimize consequences for out-of-state drivers.