7 Reasons to Hire a DUI Lawyer

When it comes to facing legal charges, financial strain can often become a big worry for those being prosecuted. Defendants may avoid hiring a lawyer to save themselves money, when it reality this could cost them more in the long run. The necessity of a lawyer really does depend on the severity of the case and the legal confidence of the individual. For DUI cases, it is almost always advised that the defendant hire representation in the court of law as this can be a very serious charge. Here are 7 good reasons to hire a DUI lawyer:

You’re Unsure What to Plead

Pleading guilty vs. not guilty shouldn’t have to be a decision you have to make all on your own. If there was any sort of gray area with your case, or if for example your BAC was barely above the limit, it would be very wise to consult with a legal advisor before deciding what to plea. Every case is different. There’s not always just one answer. And that’s why having a DUI lawyer present to help make decisions can make for an even better outcome.

You Need Help with Sentence Bargaining

In some cases there may be opportunity for sentence bargaining. Again, in this case legal consultation could help lower charges for example from drunk driving to reckless driving depending on the severity of the situation. A DUI lawyer will know the best steps to take, along with the appropriate way to communicate in order to get you the least punishment possible.

Your Job Could be Affected

Some jobs take background information and criminal charges more into consideration than others. If a DUI is going to at all inhibit your potential career path, or cause you to potentially lose your current job, it is wise to hire a DUI lawyer.

You are Unaware of Laws/Rights

Unfortunately not all citizens of the United States are well versed in their rights. If you don’t feel comfortable in your knowledge of your rights or the laws of your state regarding DUI’s, than hire a lawyer to help educate you and stand up for you.

You’re a Second Offender

For defendants who are second offenders in terms of DUI, it is absolutely necessary to hire a DUI lawyer. The second time around, sentencing is likely to be more severe, and having a lawyer present will give you the best chance of not being flooded with enormous penalties.

Your DUI Involved an Accident

There are different reasons a police officer may pull you over and give you a DUI. If a DUI originated from some semi-erratic driving that’s one thing, but if an accident was involved and any lives were t risk because you were under the influence, the charge becomes a lot more severe. It is very important to hire a DUI lawyer when there has been an accident.

DUI lawyer

Your BAC was Incredibly High

The last important reason to hire a DUI lawyer is if your BAC was incredibly high. For example, if your blood alcohol content was double the legal limit you are likely to face harsher punishments, and the more severe the case the better it is to have a lawyer present.

DUI lawyer

If you or anyone you know is facing DUI charges, seriously consider hiring a DUI lawyer. Having a lawyer by your side will not only help you legally, but will give you peace of mind to know someone is on your team. All humans make mistakes and deserve to be represented. Call us today at Thomas Campo law offices if you or anyone you know is looking to hire a DUI lawyer.

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